N1329 2 Crochet Baby Rugs by Naturally

2 different style crochet baby rugs.  Completed in Naturallys 10ply/Aran weight yarn "Original".

Click on the Main picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

4.00mm and 4.50mm needles

Price: $6.00
tx174 4 in 1 Cowl by Katia

4 different styles of cowls in this pattern - all using Katia Silk Mohair Yarn.

Click on the pattern Picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 5.00mm needles for styles 2, 3 and 4.
  • 5.00mm and 3.25mm needles for style 1
Price: $6.00
225 8 ply Family Classics by Panda
8 ply Family Classics
Price: $18.00
S7398 Aac Accessories by Sirdar

T Bag Hat, Scarf, Snood and Mittens, all knitted in Sirdars Harrap Tweed DK (8 ply).

Click on main picture or View for size and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

3.25mm and 4.00mm needles

Cable Needle

Price: $8.00
7964 Accessories by Sirdar UK

Collection of accessories - a hat, cowl and two different scarves, all knitted in beautiful super bulky,  GORGEOUS, by Sirdar.

Click on image to view yarn requirements and sizes.

All designs knitted using 20mm needles.

Price: $8.00
N1198 Accessories in 10ply by Naturally

Lovely, floppy beanie, 2 cowls and a scarf knitted in beautiful Drifters or Harmony 10 ply yarns.

Click on Main Picture to View Requirements.

You will also need:

Price: $6.00
TY080 Adrianna Jumper by Touch

Light and airy simple box style sweater with a feature cable down front and sleeves.  This sweater is knitted from 2ply Mohair Merino from Touch Yarns of NZ. 

The yarn is knitted held double throughout.

Click on the main picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 4.50mm needles

Price: $6.00
474 Alfresco Aran by Twilleys

A huge range of beautiful designs for men and women in this book including cardigan, jacket, hat, sweater, handbag, tunic and waistcoat.  Use your favourite aran (10 ply) yarn such as Twilleys Freedom Alfresco Aran.

Price: $24.50