KL2HK 2nd Heddle Kit for Knitters Looms by Ashford

For multi heddle weaving. Kit includes two support blocks that are easy to attach as your knitters loom has predrilled holes. Instructions for weaving with the two heddles and patterns are included.
Buy another reed (identical to the one you have) and you will double your ends per inch. For example two 12.5dpi (50/10) reeds will give you an amazing 25 ends per inch (100/10)!
Or weave double width or double layer fabric. For a double layer project and detailed warping instructions please download the full specifications below.

Price: $43.90
KL5CB Carry Bag for KL5/50cm Knitters Loom by Ashford

Carry bag especially designed to carry and store your 50cm Knitters Loom.

Price: $65.00
RHKP Double Ended Threading Hook by Ashford

Threading hooks make threading your rigid heddle or table loom easy and convenient. Made from strong but flexible acetal nylon.

Price: $3.50
FT4 Fringe Twister by Ashford

Create the perfect twisted fringe or decorative cord
Twist a fringe on scarves, handwoven garments or needlework projects.
Twist yarn for embellishing, edging and jewellery.
Twist fibre for felting fun.

4 Clips and Clamp

Price: $52.50
KL3CB KL3/30cm Carry Bag for KL3 Knitters Loom by Ashford

Canvas bag, designed especially to store and carry your 30cm KL3 Knitters Loom.

Price: $54.50
KL7CB KL7 70cm Knitters Loom Carry Bag by Ashford

Canvas bag, designed especially to store and carry your 70cm KL7 Knitters Loom.

Price: $105.50
ABRHW Rigid Heddle Weaving by Ashford

The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving, revised edition, Process, Patterns and Projects by Rowena Hart.  This comprehensive book covers many aspects of weaving.

The projects in this book have been designed with both novice and experienced weavers in mind.  People new to weaving can simply follow the projects as outlined and experienced weavers could find new ideas and helpful tips.

Price: $28.50
SL40 SampeIT Loom Stand 40cm by Ashford

Loom stand for 40cm SampleIT Loom

Easy to assemble and attach, you can weave anytime anywhere without a table. Adjustable loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. Made in solid Silver Beech hardwood to match your SampleIt Loom.

Price: $127.00