AWDC Wool Dye Collection by Ashford
AWDC Wool Dye Collection

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Collection of 12 x  10gram pots

Rust, brown, green, emerald, yellow, scarlet, hot pink, purple, teal, blue, navy blue or black.

- 100% concentrate
- safe and easy to use
- 10gm (⅓oz) dyes
- for protein fibres such as wool and silk

The Ashford dyes are very easy to use and the colours are clear and bright. They are weak acid dyes so white vinegar can be used to fix the dyes making them suitable for the home dyer. The dyes are for wool, silk and other animal (protein) fibres and are fully concentrated with only 10gm (⅓oz) dyeing 1kg (2.2lbs) of fibre or yarns.
There are 12 colours that have been carefully selected for compatibility and when mixed will produce a wide range of hues.

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