K337 Tab Front Sweater and Hat by Nako
K337 Tab Front Sweater and Hat

Price: $6.00

Cute will sweater featuring tab front with single button hole for a very special button!

Knitted in Elit Baby (solid colour) and Elit Baby Muare 8 ply.

Click on the pattern to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 3.75mm and 4.00mm needles
  • Stitch Holder and markers
  • 1(1,1,1,2,2) buttons

Size Charts
Tab Sweater and Hat
Size New Born 36cm 3 mths 41cm 6-9 mths 46cm 12-18mth 51cm 2-3 yrs 56cm 3-4 yrs 61cm
Elit Baby Muare - MC 100gm balls112223
Elit Baby Muare - Contrast 100gm balls111111
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