1010 Seamless Sweater by Cleckheaton

This sweater is knitted all in one piece, from the neck down.

Designed for children aged 2 years up to 10 years, and using Cleckheaton Country or Country Naturals.

Click on the Main Picture for sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 4.00mm x 40cm circular needle
  • 4.00mm x 80cm circular needle
  • 3.25mm x 80cm circular needle
  • 4mm double pointed needles
  • stitch markers
Price: $8.00
TX347 Striped Sweater & Aviator Hat 5 Ply by Tex Yarns

This beautiful sweater with easy opening, shoulder buttons, is knitted in the soft and luxurious merino of Bellissimo 5ply.

Cute aviator hat as well.  Pattern is suitable for sizes new born up to 12 months.

Price: $7.00
Ply: 5 Ply
K401 Sweater with Pockets by Naturally

Fabulous sweater with pockets for kids aged 8 years up to 14 years.

Designed to be knitted in pure wool Loyal DK/8ply.

Click on image to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 3.75mm and 4mm needles
  • Stitch Holder and Markers
Price: $7.00
2621 Textured Tabbard by Alpaca Yarn NZ

Gorgeous textured tabbard with roll neck for children.  Knitted in Alpaca Yarns Inca Spun Aran (10 ply).

Ages 2 - 10 years

Click on Picture or View for sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

 4.50 straight needles, 2 stitch holders and wool needle.

Price: $7.00
3465 V and Scoop Neck Cardi 8 Ply by King Cole

Cute little cardigans with different neckline and sleeve options.  The pattern is suitable for sizes 56-61cm (3-4 years) up to 76-81 cm (11-12) years and is designed to be knitted in Galaxy DK (8ply).

Galaxy has a very generous meterage, so if you are subsituting for another 8ply, please be aware of this when calculating the quantity of balls required.

Price: $8.00
Ply: 8 Ply
3464 V Neck Cardigans 8 Ply by King Cole

Really cute cardigan/bolero knitted in the stunning Galaxy yarn.  This pretty sequinned yarn might be just the thing for a very special occasion!

Galaxy is an 8ply yarn with a generous meterage - if you are substituting this yarn, the quantities stated will not be correct.

Price: $8.00
Ply: 8 Ply
K318 Vests by Naturally

Ribbed Vests knitted in your choice of 8 or 10 ply.  Suitable for ages 2 years up to 8 years.

Click on Main Picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  8 ply Version:

  • 3.75mm and 4.00mm needles

  10ply version

  • 4.00mm and 4.50mm needles

Price: $7.00
K344 Vests by Naturally

Always useful!  These vest pattern includes an option of garter stitch ridges or simpole stocking stitch.

Suitable for children 2 years up to 8 years and knitted in Naturally's Loyal Vegas Tweed DK/8ply.

Click on the main picture to view sizes and yarn requirments.

You will also need:

  • 3.75mm and 4.00mm needles
  • Stitch Holder
Price: $7.00