SLX 4706 Coat, Mitts and Bootees by Sirdar

 This little boy looks cute as a button in his double moss stitch Hooded Coat, matching mitts and bootees, knitted in Snuggly DK.  Pattern is for ages, Birth to 3 years.

Click on Main Picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 3.25mm and 4.00mm needles
  • 6 buttons for coat
Price: $5.00
SLX 4729 Crochet Cardi by Sirdar
Price: $5.00
SLX 1901 Crochet Cardi 4 Ply by Sirdar

Pretty little crocheted cardigan with option short or long sleeves.  Crocheted in Sirdar Snuggly 4ply and sized for little ones from birth up to 7 years old.

View for sizes and yarn requirements.

2.50 and 3.00mm crochet hook.


                                      REDUCED FROM $7.95

Price: $5.00
Ply: 4 Ply
SLX 1900 Crochet Cardi and Hat by Sirdar

Little crocheted cardigans with optional sleeve lengths and matching hat.  Designed for Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply and suitable from birth up to 7 years.

View for sizes and requirements.

Price: $5.00
SLX 4476 Crochet Cardis by Sirdar

Crochet Matineee Jacket for sizes newborn up to 2 years and crochet cardigan suitable from birth up to 7 years.

Crocheted in Sirdar Snuggly 4ply.

Click on Main picture to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 4.00mm crochet hook for 1st size Matinee Jacket
  • 4.50mm crochet hook for 2nd size Matinee Jacket
  • 5.00mm crochet hook for 3rd size Matinee Jacket
  • 3.00mm and 3.50mm crochet hook for Cardigan - all sizes.
Price: $5.00
SLX 4474 Crochet Hats by Sirdar

4  crochet patterns for beret and helmet style hats.  Crochet in your favourite 4 ply, such as Snuggly 4 ply, an acrylic yarn with long meterage.

Ages 0 - 7 years.

All hats require 1 ball of Snuggly 4 ply yarn.

Price: $5.00
SLX 4808 Crochet Jacket and Rug by Sirdar

Cutest little jacket suitable from birth up to 2 years and matching rug.  Both crocheted in soft Snuggly 4ply.

Click on main picture or View to see sizes/yarn chart.

You will also need:

  • 3.50mm crochet hook
Price: $5.00
NX 1209 Cropped Fitting Jacket by Naturally

Cropped fitting jacket designed for Amuri DK/8ply (possum wool).

Price: $5.00