339 Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of three steel Darning Needles of various sizes from medium up to large whole for chunky yarns.

Comes in handy tube for storage.

Price: $8.55
Double-Ended Stitch Holder by Clover

These wonderfully easy to use Clover stitch holders open at both ends, so you can take the stitches off in whichever direction you want. You can knit the stitches straight off the holder too, or even take the central pin out and use it as a cable needle. Suitable when working with knitting needles from size 3.75mm to 10mm.

The stitch holders come in a packet of 2 and are available in 4 different lengths.

Price: $8.50
031154 French Knitter by Birch

Cute little French Knitter tool is a basic wooden Knitting Doll, used to create a narrow tube of knitted yarn.  Great for kids!

Price: $14.00
11252 Gem Stitch Markers by Knit Pro

Cute multicoloured ceramic disk stitch markers - 12 in the set.  Comes in a small gold mesh purse for storage.

Please note design varies slightly due to being hand made.

Price: $14.00
340 Jumbo Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of two extra large Darning Needles in handy plastic container.  Great wool needle for super bulky wools and yarns.

Price: $8.55
10877 Knit Blockers by Knit Pro

Knit blockers assist in efficient and effective blocking of your projects.

Box contains:

  • 12 Blockers with 8 pins
  • 8 Blockers with 4 pins
Price: $31.50
10878 Knit Blockers - Rainbow by Knit Pro

Rainbow Knit Blockers for efficient and effective block of your projects.

Each box contains:

  • 12 Blockers with 8 pins
  •   8 Blockers with 4 pins
Price: $31.50
031004 Knitters Kit by Birch

Knitters Kit includes 11cm stitch holder, 2 straight cable needles, 2 wool needles and row counter.

Price: $10.00