340 Jumbo Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of two extra large Darning Needles in handy plastic container.  Great wool needle for super bulky wools and yarns.

Price: $8.55
Knit Blockers by Knit Pro

Knit blockers assist in efficient and effective blocking of your projects.

Box contains:

  • 12 Blockers with 8 pins
  • 8 Blockers with 4 pins
Price: $31.50
10878 Knit Blockers - Rainbow by Knit Pro

Rainbow Knit Blockers for efficient and effective block of your projects.

Each box contains:

  • 12 Blockers with 8 pins
  •   8 Blockers with 4 pins
Price: $31.50
031004 Knitters Kit by Birch

Knitters Kit includes 11cm stitch holder, 2 straight cable needles, 2 wool needles and row counter.

Price: $10.00
Knitters Necklace Kit by Knit Pro

This magnetic attractive necklace is perfect knitting accessory. Holds your cable needle, and stitch markers handy at all times.

Each pack has a magnetic wooden pendant which has embedded magnets, three different varieties of cable needles and 20 stitch markers (5 each of four types)& 1 fabric pouch

Two colourways:  Natural Hues and Cherry Berry

Price: $39.00
006318 Knitting Accessory Kit by Birch

Knitting Accessory Kit includes 3 stitch holders (170mm, 120mm and 75mm), row counters, point protector set, and stitch markers.

Price: $8.50
006636 Knitting Calculator by Birch

The knitting calculator allows you to work out the number of stitches and the rows you need to obtain the required width and length of the garment to be knitted.

Price: $5.50
Knitting Charms by Knit Pro
  • First of its kind accessory to add fun to your knitting
  • Playful porcelain beads stringed together to form a utility product
  • Use it as a keyring, bag charm or for repairing your knitting
  • Dropped a stitch - no worries - just use the miniature Zing needle & hook to mend your work
  • Great gift for your knitter friends


Price: $16.50