3124 Pom Pom Maker Large by Clover

Pom pom maker with two large size options.

Price: $13.85
3129 Pom Pom Maker Set of 4 by Clover

Clovers wonderful pom pom maker now in a set of 4.

Set includes sizes 35mm,  45mm, 65mm and 85mm pom pom makers.

Price: $25.00
Pom Pom Maker Small by Clover

Pom pom maker with two small size options.

Price: $12.10
10942 Repair Hooks by Knit Pro
  • Laminated birch wood repair hooks
  • Hook on one side and needle on the other
  • Convenient size for easy storage
  • Repair fallen and dropped stitches with perfect ease
  • Must have accessory for all knitters and crocheters
Price: $9.00
070214 Retractable Tape Measure by Birch

Classic retractable tape measure.  Measures 60 inches on one side and 150cm's on the other side.

Random colour selection from Red, Blue or Yellow.

Price: $2.75
10801 Ring Stitch Markers by Knit Pro

Variety of sizes to suit different sized needles - slip on and off easily to count stitches, keep your place in a pattern.

Price: $4.00
Row Counters - Single Pack

Traditional, simple row counters.

Large - for needle sizes 5.50mm up to 7.50mm


Small - for needle sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm

Colours can vary.

Price: $2.90
018131 Sewing Scissors by Birch

Titanium Coated Sewing Scissors by Birch. Comfort contoured grip, blades plated with lightweight non-corrosive titanium.

Length total 15cm, blade 6cm.

Price: $6.65