10804 Split Stitch Markers by Knit Pro

Great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat Use on your needle to mark stitches Hang on your knitting to mark rows Mark decreases, increases or even mistakes Easy to slip onto a needle in the middle of your work Hooks into the knitted or crocheted stitch within a row without slipping out Mark increases or decreases in your pattern Mark a mistake that needs to be ripped back Catch the dropped stitch before it runs down through

Price: $4.00
006110 Spots Yarn Holder by Birch
Practical yarn holder with polka dot design. The lid is zipped for easy access, with a hole to thread the yarn through, whilst knitting to 
keep it clean and tangle free.
Approx. dimensions: W:50 x Diameter: 9 cm
Price: $11.50
Stitch Holder Basic

Basic stitch holder 13cm

Price: $2.30
Stitch Holder Cable Needle by Clover

U shaped stitch holder and/or cable needle.

Price: $6.25
Straight Cable Needles

Set of 2 straight cable needles.

Suitable for use when knitting on sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm needles.

Price: $2.95
Swift - Signature by Knit Pro
  • Made with a combination of colourful laminated birch wood and natural birch wood
  • An essential tool for Knitters & Crocheters
  • Fulfills dual purpose of Swift and Skein Winding
  • Super smooth finish & quick rotation
  • Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 48cm (19")
  • Height: 71cm (28")
  • Circumference: 152cm (60")
  • Clamp opening: 4cm (1.5")
Price: $145.00
Symfonie Cable Needle Set by Knit Pro

Set of 3 cable needles which feature a series of grooves designed to help stitches stay on the needle during the cabling process. 

Created in the beautiful laminated wood - a perfect match to your Symfonie needles.

Price: $10.50
070602 Tape Measure by Birch

Fibre Glass Flat tape measure.  16mm wide, 150cm length.

Metric markings on both sides of the measure.

Will not tear, stretch, shrink or fray.

Price: $2.50