Rios 10 Ply by Malabrigo

Soft, strong, and washable, this 10ply yarn is a workhorse! The plies help resist pilling and washability makes it fantastic for frequently-worn garments, housewares, and children and baby clothes. Spun from premium superwash merino, it comes in an array of watercolor-multi, semi-solid, and variegated colorways. Great for accessories, garments, baby and kids items, housewares, toys, cables, textured stitches, colorwork.

Price: $24.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Royal Alpaca 2 Ply by Bella Storia

What is Royal Alpaca?  Of all the Alpaca fibre produced world wide, only a very small percentage is fine enough (19.00 - 19.5 microns) to be classified as Royal.  Thus Royal Alpaca is the softest finest alpaca you can spin and this 2ply is simply superb.

Price: $15.75
Ply: 2 Ply
Scarabeo 10 Ply by Chaska

Stunning new yarn by Chaska, a Peruvian yarn manufacturer specialising in Alpaca (of course!).

Scarebeo is a deliciously soft, blend of baby alpaca, wool and vIscose to create a yarn that is both luxurious in look and feel.

The yarn has a core of almost iridescent colours that are clouded by a halo of fibre from the baby alpaca.  

Price: $34.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Sierra by Patons

Great transeasonal blend, giving softness and warmth.  Eight different colour blends and a huge 150g/375m ball. Soft enough for garments, accessories or homewares.

Price: $9.00
Snuggly 4 Ply by Sirdar UK
Snuggly is the perfect quality yarn for tiny and new born babies first hand knits. It is soft and gentle, and comes in baby fashion colours as well as classic pastel shades. Snuggly 4 ply will keep its quality through machine washing and tumble drying.
Price: $6.75
Snuggly Baby Crofter 8 Ply by Sirdar UK
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter Dk is a gorgeously soft yarn with an incredible Fair Isle colour effect that appears as you knit. Inspired by the gentlest colours of the Scotland Highlands, Snuggly Baby Crofter Dk is the same wonderfully soft blend of 55% nylon and 45% acrylic as Snuggly Dk, and is machine washable and easy care. This yarn will also knit to all Sirdar double knitting baby patterns.
Price: $8.65
Ply: 8 Ply
Snuggly DK by Sirdar UK
The UK’s favourite baby hand knit yarn, Snuggly Dk has a softness that babies love and comes in a wide range of colours, spot dyes and trendy colour twists. Snuggly Dk is easy care and will keep its quality through machine washing and tumble drying.
Price: $6.75
Snuggly Rascal DK 8 Ply by Sirdar UK

Snuggly Rascal has the incredibly soft nylon, acrylic blend that Snuggly yarns are famous for. It comes in a range of fun colour effect shades that are ideal for babies and older children alike.

Snuggly Rascal DK/8ply  is supported by a collection of adorable patterns with designs for babies and children from birth to 7 years and will knit to all Snuggly double knitting patterns.

Price: $7.95
Ply: 8 Ply