Cotton Blend 8 Ply by Patons

This very popular 8ply cotton blend yarn - perfect far garments and homewares.

Price: $5.50
Ply: 8 Ply
Cotton Merino 10 Ply by Katia

Cotton Merino by Katia has a fibre-filled net construction which gives the yarn a rounded, cable like appearance which knits beautifully and is superbly light and soft and has a halo effect.  We have classified as a 10ply, but this is not a true 10 ply, so do be careful if subsituting yarn or patterns.

The core of these yarns is a light colour with hints of the overal colour that surrounds the core in a halo effect.  Quite a stunning yarn for a variety of uses.

Price: $11.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Cotton Yak 8 Ply by Katia

Soft and luxurious cotton, wool and yak blend yarn in a range of subtle chalky colours.

Very genereous 130 metres per 50gm ball makes this an attractive choice for a range of 8ply/DK projects.

Price: $14.00
Ply: 8 Ply
Country 8 Ply by Cleckheaton

An excellent all purpose yarn which is 100% machine washable pure wool and available in a wide colour range.

Price: $5.50
Ply: 8 Ply
Country Naturals 8 Ply by Cleckheaton

This unique blend is popular because of its distinctive natural shades. 

Price: $6.00
Ply: 8 Ply
Dahu 4 Ply by Sesia

A beautiful light, soft and voluminous 4 ply yarn in a range of marle colours.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 4 Ply
Dahu Fancy 4 Ply by Sesia

Light and airy yarn that suits so many applications where a 4ply yarn is required.

Dahu Fancy by Sesia of Italy,  matches the colours of Dahu perfectly for colour work projects.

Price: $14.00
Ply: 4 Ply
Dipinto 4 Ply by Lang Yarns

Dipinto is a self striping yarn with a gentle metalic finish throughout. Great for accessories or garments.

Huge 100g ball gives 360 metres.

Price: $21.50
Ply: 4 Ply