LEATHERP Leather for Conrol by Ashford

Leather Conrad Connector

Price: $4.50
LK Lazy Kate - Upright by Ashford

 lazy kate


Vertical lazy kate. Holds 3 bobbins.
Made from beautiful silver beech hard wood.

Price: $36.90
MK Maintenance Kit by Ashford

Keep you spinning wheel well maintained and it will last a lifetime! The kit includes 100ml (3 ½ fl ozs) special lubricating oil (non-staining), threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, leather conrod connector and clip, brake and drive bands.

Price: $26.90
NNJ Niddy Noddy Jumbo by Ashford

niddy noddy jumbo

Need an extra-large niddy noddy to skein your art yarn? Now you can make huge 2m (79ins) skeins over 1kg with our super new Jumbo Niddy Noddy. The arms have been designed to allow the skein to slide off easily.

Price: $54.50
NNS Niddy Noddy Sampler by Ashford

This cute little niddy noddy makes a beautiful small 90cm (1yd) skein or hank. Ideal for making sample skeins. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with removable ends for storage or transport.

Price: $26.50
NN Niddy Noddy by Ashford

The niddy noddy is a very useful accessory for winding yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin and creating a 1.5m (5ft) skein. Made from turned Silver Beech hard wood the specially shaped crossbars allow the skein (hank) of yarn to slide off easily when made. It is easy to dismantle for storage or transportation.

Price: $30.50
SFH14P Sliding Flyer Hook 14mm by Ashford

Sliding Flyer Hook 14mm - Packaged 2pc

Price: $19.20
FLYR Standard Flyer by Ashford

For Traditional single drive and Traveller single drive spinning wheels.
Includes flyer and hooks. Natural finish.

Ratios 6.5:1, 8.5:1, 11.5:1 & 17.5:1


Price: $72.50