TKNBP Tension Knob by Ashford

For adjusting the brake band tension on Scotch tension spinning wheels.

Price: $10.50
THRUP Threading Hook and Tape by Ashford
Price: $2.50
TLK Tensioned Lazy Kate by Ashford

tensioned lazy kate

Control your bobbins when plying with the adjustable brake tension.
Smooth stainless steel yarn guide to prevent your yarn from tangling.
Suitable for single & double drive standard and jumbo bobbins.
Bobbins are quick and easy to change.
Stainless steel bobbin pins are removable for storage and transport.
Four rubber feet prevent slipping or tipping.
Convenient carry handle.
Made from beautiful silver beech hard wood with a rich lacquer finish.

Price: $73.50
WTHP Wooden Threading Hook by Ashford
Price: $10.60
YG Yarn Gauge by Ashford

To calculate the tension or gauge of your yarn use this simple tool. Wrap the yarn in either the 25 or 12.5mm (1-1/2in) slot and count the number of wraps. Made from lacquered Silver Beech hardwood. Comes complete with leather loop and wrap/gauge table.

Price: $7.50