010924 Carry All Case by Birch

Another beautiful craft case range featuring prints from Florence Broadhurst.  These Carry All Cases are not only smart to look at, but also have handy features of little zip pockets, garment strap, pin cushion, etc.

Price: $50.00
010981 Carryall Case by Birch

G├╝termann and Birch colaborated to create a new range of fabric bags called 'Summer Loft Collection'.  These handy knitting cases consist of a huge internal space for yarn, pattern books, etc with pattern holder, straps, pin cushion and little clear pockets for your stitch markers and other accessories.  Comfortable carry handles make for a practical case that looks smart too.  Available in 3 colours.

Size 38 x 10.5 x 24.5cm.

Price: $77.50