Flora Shawl Pins by Knit Pro

Beautiful shawl pins crafted in Symfonie Wood.  Lovely accessory for shawls and scarves and stunning to put in your hair!

Each pin is 12cm long and comes in a packaged cellophane box.

Price: $15.00
Garment Pins by Alpaca Yarn NZ

Gorgeous scarf or shawl pins, shaped like a safety pin, featuring beautiful smooth polished wood in a range of colours.

11cm long x 3.5cm wide

Price: $19.00
Ring Stick Shawl Pins by Alpaca Yarn NZ

Beautiful wooden ring and stick shawl/garment pins.  

Price: $19.00
Shawl Pins by Knit Pro

Collection of exotic wooden tipped shawl pins in elegant designs to complement all garments, or worn as a hair pin.

Length varies from 13cm - 14.5cm.

Price: $9.00
Square Pins by Terries

Elegant yet modern safety pin style scarf pins with a square head.  Available in a range of metal finishes. 7.5cm length, 2cm wide.

Price: $5.50