AY 2437 Fusion Shawl by Alpaca Yarn NZ
AY 2437 Fusion Shawl

Price: $5.00

Triangular shawl knitted in Fushion.  Fusion is hard to define...closest to a 3ply but the drape afforded by the mixture of baby LLama and Lyocell (wood pulp) gives finished garments and shawls a soft, drapey and luxurious feel.

Click on image to view size and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 3.75mm needles
  • (circular needle recommended as the widest part of this shawl will not fit comfortably on straight needles)

Size Charts
Fusion Shawl
Size190cm Length x 100cm max width
Fusion Shawl - C1 50 gm balls2
Fusion Shawl - C2 50 gm balls4
Fusion Shawl - C3 50 gm balls4
Fusion Shawl - C4 50 gm balls1
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