AY2714 Chevron Alpaca Throw by Alpaca Yarn NZ
AY2714 Chevron Alpaca Throw

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Stunning throw in the distinctive chevron design, knitted using 3 different shades of Alpaca Yarns, Indiecita Chainette.  Chainette is a yarn that is tubular knit in design, devinely soft and light and therefore a perfect choice for a luxurious throw.

Click on image to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 5mm x 120cm circular needle

Size Charts
Chevron Alpaca Throw
Size 1550cm x 900cm
Chainette - Shade 1 Charcoal 50 gm balls5
Chainette - Shade 2 Silver Grey 50 gm balls5
Chainette - Shade 3 Cream 50 gm balls4
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