N1525 V -Neck Sweater by Sesia
N1525 V -Neck Sweater

Price: $7.00

V-Neck sweater featuring rib panel that accentuates the V Neck as it divides along the neckline edges.

Designed to be knitted in Eiffel...an extremely light and airy kid mohair blend 12ply yarn.

Even the largest size, which takes 10 x 25gm balls only weighs 250gms...so you can get an idea of how light and airy this sweater would be to wear.

Click on main image to view sizes and yarn requirements.

You will also need:

  • 5mm and 6mm needles
  • Stitch Holders and markers.


Size Charts
V-Neck Sweater
Size 76-81cm 81-86cm 86-91cm 91-96cm 96-102cm 102-107cm
Eiffel - 25 gm balls78891010
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