0011 Jet Sets by Patons
0011 Jet Sets

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Jet Sets includes the boyfriend jumper plus a beginner scarf and textured beanie pattern worn by men or women.  Knitted in Jet 12 ply, the ever-popular contemporary wool and alpaca yarn.

*Please note, the pattern suggests 1 extra ball if making Man's length sleeve in each size.

Size Charts
Boyfriend Jumper
Size XS 95cm S 100cm M 105cm L 110cm XL 115cm XXL 120cm
Jet - 50g Balls131415151617
Beginner Scarf
Size 18cm x 210cm
Jet - 50 gm balls C12
Jet - 50 gm balls C21
Jet - 50 gm balls C31
Jet - 50 cm balls C42
Textured Beanie
Size Man 58cm Woman 56cm
Jet - 50 gm balls C133
Jet - 50 gm balls C211
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