Berry Pins

Assorted colours in this container of 40 berry pins.

Price: $3.40
Darners by John James Pebble

12 needles in convenient carry case.  Size 3/9

Price: $6.50
Knitters Marking Pins by Birch

Packet of 10, strong marking pins.

Price: $2.75
Plastic Tapestry Needles by Knit Pro

4 Tapestry Needles, perfect for sewing up knitted or crocheted pieces - even the bulkiest ones!

Packet has 2 green (Ex Large needle eye) and 2 purple (Large needle eye)

Price: $4.00
Tapestry Needles by John James Pebble

Six needles in convenient carry case.  Size 18/24

Price: $6.50
Wool Needles by Knit Pro

Set of colourful aluminium wool needles featuring a large loop for easy threading.

3 needles:

3.25mm x 85 cm

2.75mm x 70 cm

2.25mm x 60 cm

Needles sizes are roughly equivalent to a 3.25mm, 2.

Price: $4.00
Wool Needles - Steel

Set of two steel needles with large eyes - perfect for sewing up your knitted garments.

Price: $1.00