006001 Daisy Wheel by Birch

Daisy wheel helps you create daisy flowers with yarn easily which can be used in afghan blankets, garments, doilies, etc. Instructions included.  Disk measures 5cm diameter when stored, and pins extended for use.

Price: $15.40
031004 Knitters Kit by Birch

Knitters Kit includes 11cm stitch holder, 2 straight cable needles, 2 wool needles and row counter.

Price: $10.00
006636 Knitting Calculator by Birch

The knitting calculator allows you to work out the number of stitches and the rows you need to obtain the required width and length of the garment to be knitted.

Price: $5.50
333S Point Protector (Small) by Clover

Clover Needle protectors - 4 in a packet.

Suitable for small needles sizes 2.00mm up to 4.50mm

Price: $5.75
333L Point Protectors (Large) by Clover

Clover Point protectors - 4 in packet.  Suitable for needles sized 3.75mm up to 6.5mm.

Price: $6.70
348 Yarn Guide by Birch

Ring style yarn guide, useful when knitting with two or more yarns. One size fits all.

Price: $5.80
012123 Yarn Needles by Birch

Handy set of 3 plastic yarn needles.  Sizes 70mm, 82mm and 94mm.

Price: $1.50