Azteca 12 Ply by Katia

The stunning colours of wool blend Azteca still delight!

Makes beautiful garments or accessories - light and warm and of course eye catching colours.

Price: $19.80
Ply: 12 Ply
Brushed Mohair - Solid & Random 12 Ply by Touch

Scrumptious colours and an ever so soft mohair merino blend is why this is a long time favourite of ours.

Average Ladies jumper requires 4 hanks of Brushed Mohair.

Price: $28.00
Ply: 12 Ply
Crazy Days 12 Ply by Exotic

Stunning long colour changes in this 12ply yarn - Crazy Days by Exotic.

Price: $8.50
Ply: 12 Ply
Easy Care 12 Ply by Heirloom
12 ply 100% pure new wool spun into a premium crepe yarn that is soft and versatile. A warm and practical yarn that is hard wearing and long lasting.
Price: $6.00
Ply: 12 Ply
Jet 12 Ply by Patons

A popular blend of wool and alpaca suitable for homewares and garments for the entire family.

Price: $8.00
Ply: 12 Ply
Magnum 12 Ply by Panda

100% premium acrylic is the compositon for this soft 12ply.  Perfect for all your 12ply projects where the budget is very important without sacrificing quality.

Price: $5.00
Ply: 12 Ply
Ravine Tweed 12 Ply by Cleckheaton

A soft and warm roving yarn with flecked and gentle colour blend.  Fabulous for accessories and garments.

Price: $10.50
Ply: 12 Ply
Zara Plus 12 Ply by Filatura di Crosa
12 ply version of the much loved Zara.
Price: $12.00
Ply: 12 Ply