Aura Chunky by Sirdar

Gorgeous cosy Aura with its beautiful variegated colour blends and chunky softness, it's sure to be a hit.  Fabulous for homewares, accessories or garments.

Price: $13.50
Ply: Chunky
Baby Brushed Alpaca Chunky by Alpaca Yarn NZ

Baby Brush, by Alpaca Yarns of NZ, is a beauitifully soft, light and fluffy, 14ply,  alpaca blend yarns.  Perfect for cosy garments and accessories.

Price: $13.00
Ply: Chunky
Hand Paint Chunky Alpaca by Misti Alpaca

Beautiful and subtle colour blends in this super soft 100% baby alpaca yarn by Misti Alpaca - very special! Glorious around your neck for a cowl or scarf.

Price: $35.00
Inca Chunky by Patons
A yarn blend in a choice of warm winter colours that is a consistently top quality family favourite
Price: $8.50
Ply: Chunky
Indiecita Grande Chunky by Alpaca Yarn NZ

The most beautiful and squishy soft Alpaca yarn ever!

Produced by Michell & Co (one of the world's leading producer of the finest Alpaca fibre) exclusively for Alpaca Yarns.  

Indiecita Grande is a Chunky or 14ply weight yarn.

Price: $33.00
Ply: Chunky
Merino Magic Chunky by Heirloom

Merino Magic Chunky - beautiful Australian pure wool in huge 125g balls. Knit to your favourite 14ply pattern.

Price: $13.00
Ply: Chunky
Opium and Opium Palette Chunky by King Cole

Textured thick and thin cotton rich yarn with extensive pattern support.  The solid colours are called Opium, the blended colours are Opium Palette.

Patterns are interchangeable.

Price: $15.00
Ply: Chunky