BB Blending Board by Ashford

So easy and fun to use, make perfect rolags for spinning.

Blend fibres, colours and textures.

The Ashford Blending Board features:

  • a large 30cm x 30cm (12’ x 12”) blending area
  • includes blending brush and two dowels for easy drafting, rolling and removing the rolags.
  • a removable, rotating adjustable keel
  • 108 point cloth
  • convenient carry handle
  • lacquered finish
Price: $229.00
FC Flick Carder by Ashford

First carder
- portable
- turned comfortable handle
- stainless steel wire with rubber backing
- solid Silver Beech hardwood

This is your first carder for preparing individual staples of fleece wool. The turned handle is comfortable to hold and use. The medium 72 point cloth has stainless steel wire and long-lasting rubber backing. The Silver Beech hard wood is durable and robust. The flick carder can also be used for cleaning the drum carder.

Price: $27.00
HCL Hand Carders 72 point by Ashford

Carders to carry
- portable
- blend and card
- stainless steel wire and rubber backing

-72 ppsi - suitable for most fibres

Hand carders are used in pairs to prepare fibre or blend fibres or colours. Lightweight and easy to carry they produce small rolags ready for spinning.

This Hand carder has a separate screw on handle which is shaped to fit your hand comfortably - and can be replaced if necessary.

Size of cloth  220 x 125mm

Price: $73.50