Akari 10 Ply by Noro

Akari is light in Japanese. Inspired by the midnight sun, its light changing colour from moment to moment.

Akari is another stunning Noro yarn which is so soft and lightweight, yet warm.  A blend of silk, cotton, viscose, mohair, wool and polyamide gives this yarn a beautiful and interesting blend of texture and colours.

Price: $45.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Bio Sesia 3 10 Ply by Sesia

Beautiful 100% organic cotton 10 ply yarn featuring a fine chain-like twist.  Stunning colour range and soft enough for babies or you.

Price: $10.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Chainette 10 Ply by Alpaca Yarn NZ

Soft as butter, bulky and beautiful, Indiecita Chainette features a chain-like twist and gentle colour blends.  A blend of Baby Alpaca and Merino yarn makes for a cosy feel.

Price: $14.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Ecologica 10 Ply by Sesia

Soft and warm quality yarn featuring half virgin wool and half alpaca with a delicate touch.  Perfect for garments or accessories in a range of natural shades. Needle size 5/5.50mm.

Price: $13.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Ex Fine Merino Worsted 10 Ply by Sublime

Using the softest 100% extra fine merino wool, this yarn has been spun for Sublime in Italy in a beautifully surrounded and muli-ended construction. Sublime yarns come in the most incredible colour collections and for this yarn, we have chosen the most exquisite, classic shades and the most inspiring, fresh and youthful colours for modern crafters to explore their colour curiosity.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Inca Spun Tweed 10 Ply by Alpaca Yarn NZ

A gorgeous blend of alpaca wool and Merino wool featuring a tweed fleck throughout.  This soft, silky and warm wool comes in a great range of colours.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Inca Spun Worsted 10 Ply by Alpaca Yarn NZ

A gorgeous blend of alpaca wool and Merino wool, same yarn as Inca Spun tweed, so works well if you wish to mix and match these solid colours with the Tweed variety.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Infinity Shawl 10 Ply by Katia

Katia's Infinity Shawl yarn is a wonderfully soft merino wool, dyed in contemporary gradient blends. Perfect for incorporating color into your work without having to sew in all the ends!  

Each yarn roll comes with a pattern for the two shawls pictured.  There is enough yarn in each roll for either one of these patterns.

Tension states is as for 10ply, based on the needle size and stitch count - however the shawls are knitted on a larger size needle than normal for a fine yarn like Infnity.  We would not suggest you use the Infinity Yarn as a regular 10ply for other projects.

Included with your purchase are one skein each patterns for a Katia shawl and scarf!

Price: $40.00
Ply: 10 Ply