Akari 10 Ply by Noro

Akari is light in Japanese. Inspired by the midnight sun, its light changing colour from moment to moment.

Akari is another stunning Noro yarn which is so soft and lightweight, yet warm.  A blend of silk, cotton, viscose, mohair, wool and polyamide gives this yarn a beautiful and interesting blend of texture and colours.

Price: $49.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Bio Sesia 3 10 Ply by Sesia

Beautiful 100% organic cotton 10 ply yarn featuring a fine chain-like twist.  Stunning colour range and soft enough for babies or you.

Price: $11.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Cotton Merino 10 Ply by Katia

Cotton Merino by Katia has a fibre-filled net construction which gives the yarn a rounded, cable like appearance which knits beautifully and is superbly light and soft and has a halo effect.  We have classified as a 10ply, but this is not a true 10 ply, so do be careful if subsituting yarn or patterns.

The core of these yarns is a light colour with hints of the overal colour that surrounds the core in a halo effect.  Quite a stunning yarn for a variety of uses.

Price: $11.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Ecologica 10 Ply by Sesia

Soft and warm quality yarn featuring half virgin wool and half alpaca with a delicate touch.  Perfect for garments or accessories in a range of natural shades. Needle size 5/5.50mm.

Price: $15.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Inca Spun Tweed 10 Ply by Alpaca Yarn NZ

A gorgeous blend of alpaca wool and Merino wool featuring a tweed fleck throughout.  This soft, silky and warm wool comes in a great range of colours.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Inca Spun Worsted 10 Ply by Alpaca Yarn NZ

A gorgeous blend of alpaca wool and Merino wool, same yarn as Inca Spun tweed, so works well if you wish to mix and match these solid colours with the Tweed variety.

Price: $12.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Okunoshima 10 Ply by Noro

Okunoshima is an energetic new yarn that convincingly mimics the very best in true handspun.
It is a trusted silk and wool blend with added Angora and mohair to provide lightness and loft.
Knitting up at a worsted-weight gauge, Okunoshima is a unique yarn that's unlike anything you've seen before.

Okunoshima is a small island best known as 'Rabbit Island' for its plentiful, furry wild denizens, making it and apt name for this soft yarn.

Price: $39.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Painted Sky 10 Ply by KFI

Painted Sky is 100% Pure Superwash Australian Virgin Wool features beautiful graduated colours blended through the ball.  In a huge 100g/200m ball, fabulous for garments and blankets.

Price: $20.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Peppin 10 10 Ply by Fiddlesticks

Buttery soft Australian Merino 10ply - named after the famous Peppin Merino breed which was bred in Australia 150 years ago by the Peppin family in the Riverina NSW.

If a machine washable, pure Australian Fine Merino superwash wool,  in a good range of colours is what you are after, we are sure you will thrilled with this one.

Price: $9.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Rios 10 Ply by Malabrigo

Soft, strong, and washable, this 10ply yarn is a workhorse! The plies help resist pilling and washability makes it fantastic for frequently-worn garments, housewares, and children and baby clothes. Spun from premium superwash merino, it comes in an array of watercolor-multi, semi-solid, and variegated colorways. Great for accessories, garments, baby and kids items, housewares, toys, cables, textured stitches, colorwork.

Price: $24.50
Ply: 10 Ply
Scarabeo 10 Ply by Chaska

Stunning new yarn by Chaska, a Peruvian yarn manufacturer specialising in Alpaca (of course!).

Scarabeo is a deliciously soft, blend of baby alpaca, wool and vIscose to create a yarn that is both luxurious in look and feel.

The yarn has a core of almost iridescent colours that are clouded by a halo of fibre from the baby alpaca.  

Price: $35.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Silk Garden 10 Ply by Noro
Individually dyed to produce a unique palette of subtle shadings and vivid hues - the colours of nature.  A truly beautiful yarn.
Price: $15.00
Ply: 10 Ply
Silk Garden Solo 10 Ply by Noro

Silk Garden Solo - in the Silk Garden family with the same blend of Silk Mohair and Lambswool but unlike the vibrant multi colours of other yarns in this family, Solo has just one base colour although in some colourways there is a hint of other colours in little tweedy strands.

Knits to a standard 10ply or Aran weight pattern.

Price: $15.00
Ply: 10 Ply