9.00mm Nova Zing Steel Tips by Knit Pro

The Nova interchangeable tips are engineered from hollow brass pipes, plated with high quality nickel and polished to create a surface which is super smooth and a knitter’s delight.


The Nova tips are 10cm long.


The interchangeable cables for these tips are available in sizes from 40cm up to 150cm giving you lots of versatility for your knitting projects.

Price: $14.50
20410 9.00mm Symfonie Tips by Knit Pro

The Symphonie interchangeable tips are made from extremely attractive, coloured, polished wood.  The tips are beautifully smooth with a perfect, flawlessly tapered point,  which works effortlessly with every type of yarn.


The cables connect with a smooth join which enables easy stitch glide and no snagging.


The needles tips are 10cm long.

Price: $19.00