Addi Lace Cord Set of 5 by Addi

Set of 5 Lace Cables (fits all Addi Click Sets) and a connector.

Set includes 5 Addi red cords (40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm) and 1 connector.

The connector is used to join two cords togethr to make longer length cords.

Price: $45.00
10510 Cable Connectors by Knit Pro

An innovative product - extremely useful tool for joining two cables in order to provide a larger cable length » Can be used for handling bigger projects» Convenient to use » Comes with a tightening slot that can be used to provide more grip with the help of a cable key » Available in two different lengths » Packed in a small handy pouch Available in Lengths of 35 mm and 50 mm.

Price: $4.00
Cables by Knit Pro

Knit Pro...for those who love to knit.

Cable needles to attached to any Knit Pro needle tip.

These classic black cable needles are available in 100cm and 120cm length.

Price: $4.95
Cables - Addi Turbo by Addi

Addi Turbo, interchangeable needles for your Addi Turbo needle tips.

These gold cords can also be used with Addi Lace or Bamboo tips.

Price: $9.50
Cables - Lace by Addi

Addi Click cords for your beautiful Addi Lace Tip interchangeable needles.

These red cords also fit Addi Basic Turbo and Addi Bamboo needle tips.

Price: $9.50
Colour Coded Cables by Knit Pro

Colour Coded Cables for all your Knit Pro interchangeable needle Tips.

Now you can find the length you need at a glance!

40cm cables are yellow

50cm cables are blue

60cm cables are lime

80cm cables are orange

100cm cables are red

Price: $4.95