Products by Birch

Childrens 5.50mm by Birch

Just the right size for little hands, in colour-coded sizing.  Length 18 cm.

Price: $4.50
Childrens 5.00mm by Birch

Just the right size for little hands, in colour-coded sizing.  Length 18 cm.

Price: $4.50
132386 4.50mm by Birch

Just the right size for little hands, in colour-coded sizing.  Length 18 cm.

Price: $3.50
Childrens 4.00mm by Birch

Just the right size for little hands, in colour-coded sizing.  Length 18 cm.

Price: $3.50
006636 Knitting Calculator by Birch

The knitting calculator allows you to work out the number of stitches and the rows you need to obtain the required width and length of the garment to be knitted.

Price: $6.50
012917 Latch Hook by Birch

Use with wool rug canvas and cut rug wool and create your own rug designs.

Price: $3.90
031128 Metal Stitch Holder Large by Birch

Handy metal stitch holder in Large 17cm

Price: $3.50
031129 Metal Stitch Holder Medium by Birch

Handy metal stitch holder in Medium 11cm.

Price: $3.25
031004 Knitters Kit by Birch

Knitters Kit includes 11cm stitch holder, 2 straight cable needles, 2 wool needles and row counter.

Price: $11.00
020525 Pom Pom Maker by Birch

Basic pom pom maker which makes small, medium or large pom poms.

Price: $3.50
031154 French Knitter by Birch

Cute little French Knitter tool is a basic wooden Knitting Doll, used to create a narrow tube of knitted yarn.  Great for kids!

Price: $16.50
070214 Retractable Tape Measure by Birch

Classic retractable tape measure.  Measures 60 inches on one side and 150cm's on the other side.

Random colour selection from Red, Blue or Yellow.

Price: $3.00
31123 Straight Cable Needles by Birch

Set of 2 straight cable needles.

Suitable for use when knitting on sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm needles.

Price: $3.50
070602 Tape Measure by Birch

Fibre Glass Flat tape measure.  16mm wide, 150cm length.

Metric markings on both sides of the measure.

Will not tear, stretch, shrink or fray.

Price: $2.70
012655 Wool Needles - Steel by Birch

Set of two steel needles with large eyes - perfect for sewing up your knitted garments.

Price: $1.50
012825 Berry Pins by Birch

Assorted colours in this container of 40 berry pins.

Price: $3.60
031155 Knitters Marking Pins by Birch

Packet of 10, strong marking pins.

Price: $3.00
006681 Needle Gauge by Birch

Needle gauge for indentiying all those mystery knitting needles in you bag!

Gauge has Imperial, Metric and US sizing.

Measures needles from 2.00mm (imperial 14) up to 10mm )Imperial 000.

Price: $3.50
031124 Cable Needle Large by Birch

Single large metal cable needle 6.00mm.  Perfect for use on thicker yarn. Measures 14.5cm in length.

Price: $3.00
012711 Tapestry Needles by Birch

Tapestry needles have large eyes and blunt points for counted cross stitch, needle point and stitching knitted items.  

The blunt end will pass through canvas without tearing it.

Set of 6 needles size 18/24

Price: $2.50
018130 Sewing Scissors by Birch

Titanium Coated Sewing Scissors by Birch. Comfort contoured grip, blades plated with lightweight non-corrosive titanium.

Length total 15cm, blade 6cm.

Price: $7.00
018002 Thread Cutter by Birch

Birch thread cutter suitable for sewing, yarn and other craft projects.

Length 10.5cm, blade 3cm

Price: $2.50
011601 Eezy Fabric Comb by Birch

Use this Birch Eezy Fabric Comb to remove pilling from your woolly knits, clothing and even fabric furniture.

Price: $7.90
031003 Row Counters - Double Pack by Birch

Traditional, simple row counters.

Pack of two Row Counters:

Large - for needle sizes 5.50mm up to 7.50mm


Small - for needle sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm

Colours can vary.

Price: $5.00
006042 Stitch Holder 2 Pack by Birch

Birch Safety Stitch Holders 2 pack made from steel. 14cm long from top to bottom.  A must in everyones knitting kit.

Price: $4.50
010981 Carryall Case by Birch

G├╝termann and Birch colaborated to create a new range of fabric bags called 'Summer Loft Collection'.  These handy knitting cases consist of a huge internal space for yarn, pattern books, etc with pattern holder, straps, pin cushion and little clear pockets for your stitch markers and other accessories.  Comfortable carry handles make for a practical case that looks smart too.  Available in 3 colours.

Size 38 x 10.5 x 24.5cm.

Price: $77.50
308906 Needle Felting Tool COARSE REFILL by Birch

5 COARSE refill needles for Clover Needle Felting Tool. Size COARSE.

Price: $18.00
012218 lint Shaver by Birch

Lightweight and easy to use lint shaver.  Keep your woollens free of fuzz balls!

Requires 2 x AA batteries  (Not inlcuded)

Price: $15.90
010924 Carry All Case by Birch

Another beautiful craft case range featuring prints from Florence Broadhurst.  These Carry All Cases are not only smart to look at, but also have handy features of little zip pockets, garment strap, pin cushion, etc.

Price: $50.00