Products by Prestige Yarns

Bambini 4 4 Ply by Prestige Yarns

Beautifully soft extra fine Merino 4ply...perfect for babies and adults too of course!

Bambini 4 is 100% Australian merino, spun in Italy for Australian Company, Prestige Yarns.

Price: $9.00
Ply: 4 Ply
Fiori DK by Prestige Yarns

Beautiful 100% Australian extra fine merino, machine washable in a stunning range of colours in a 100g/215m hank.

Don't forget, you will need to roll the hank into a ball before you start! Hook over the back of a chair or have a helper hold the yarn while you roll.

Price: $22.00
Fiori DK Gradient 8 Ply by Prestige Yarns

Fiori DK Gradient is a GIANT 200g/430m skein of 8 ply yarn, enough for a shawl featuring beautiful gradient blended colours. 100% Australian extra fine merino wool and machine washable.

Price: $48.00
Ply: 8 Ply
Fiori Hand Dyed Sock 4 Ply by Prestige Yarns

Hand dyed sock yarn - soft and beautiful...perhaps a bit too prerry for mere socks!  Would have beautiful shawls, wraps or scarves.

Price: $22.00
Ply: 4 Ply