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Beauty and Balance 4 Ply by Opal

Stunning collection from ever popular Opal sock yarn, Beauty & Balance features Ederweiss extract and Vitamin E. Pamper your hands while knitting! Gentle machine wash, no fabric softner.

Opal Beauty & Balance, resting calmy.
In hectic times we want peace and balance. The harmonious colours of our Opal Beauty Balance with edelweiss extract and Vitamin E, convey timeless joy and pure thoughts. Enjoy the quiet. Stay in your cozy home or in the endless expance.  In balance with self-knowledge of living truth and bringing enjoyable knitting moments. Our popular yarn with edelweiss exttract and vitamin E pampers your hands when knitting and flatters your skin when wearing your socks, accessories or even a pullover.

Price: $26.00
Ply: 4 Ply
Hundertwasser Edition 4 by Opal

This Opal collection is the fourth celebration of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's colourful artwork. Hundertwasser was a painter, architecture doctor, ecological activist and philosopher inspiring this stunning collection of Opal yarns.

Price: $26.00