Bent Cable Needles

Set of 2 bent cable needles.  Suitable when knitting using sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm.

Price: $2.95
45501 Bent Cable Needles by Knit Pro

Set of two bent, aluminium cable needles.

Price: $3.00
031124 Cable Needle Large

Single large metal cable needle 6.00mm.  Perfect for use on thicker yarn. Measures 14.5cm in length.

Price: $2.50
Stitch Holder Cable Needle by Clover

U shaped stitch holder and/or cable needle.

Price: $6.25
Straight Cable Needles

Set of 2 straight cable needles.

Suitable for use when knitting on sizes 2.00mm up to 5.00mm needles.

Price: $2.95
20501 Symfonie Cable Needle Set by Knit Pro

Set of 3 cable needles which feature a series of grooves designed to help stitches stay on the needle during the cabling process. 

Created in the beautiful laminated wood - a perfect match to your Symfonie needles.

Price: $10.50