012825 Berry Pins by Birch

Assorted colours in this container of 40 berry pins.

Price: $3.60
JJP14539 Darners by John James Pebble

12 needles in convenient carry case.  Size 3/9

Price: $7.50
3121 Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of 3, bent tip, steel  darning needles...also excellent as a wool needle.

Needles come in handy tube.

Price: $12.00
339 Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of three steel Darning Needles of various sizes from medium up to large whole for chunky yarns.

Comes in handy tube for storage.

Price: $9.00
340 Jumbo Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of two extra large Darning Needles in handy plastic container.  Great wool needle for super bulky wools and yarns.

Price: $9.00
031155 Knitters Marking Pins by Birch

Packet of 10, strong marking pins.

Price: $3.00
3168 Lace Darning Needle Set by Clover

Set of 3 fine needles - two with bent tips, in the handy screw top needle storage container.

Price: $12.00
JJP19884 Tapestry Needles by John James Pebble

Six needles in convenient carry case.  Size 18/24

Price: $7.50
012711 Tapestry Needles by Birch

Tapestry needles have large eyes and blunt points for counted cross stitch, needle point and stitching knitted items.  

The blunt end will pass through canvas without tearing it.

Set of 6 needles size 18/24

Price: $2.50
36635 Teal Wooden Darning Needles by Knit Pro

Set of teal coloured darning needles made from high-density laminated wood. Offered in a pack of 2 small & 2 large needles that handle all sewing needs. Packaged in a reusable cylindrical natural wood case, that is printed with the floral print.

Price: $12.50
012655 Wool Needles - Steel by Birch

Set of two steel needles with large eyes - perfect for sewing up your knitted garments.

Price: $1.50
3142 Yarn Threader by Clover

Makes threading yarns easy!

Price: $10.50