Knitting Nancy by Holywood House

Knitting Nancys beautifully hand made from reclaimed and recycled wood by local craftsman. A dream to hold for those who appreciate the beauty of real wood products.

A fun and handy tool which can be used from ages 7 onwards to create long cables for unlimited uses. Create jewelery, animals, hats, insert wire and create signs, hanging decorations.

Wood colours vary, your item will be picked at random.

Price: $15.00
36633 Mindful Markers by Knit Pro

A selection of 100 colour-coded plastic stitch markers in 3 ring, split and locking shapes. The super Value Mega Pack is available in 20 markers of each shape for all needle sizes. All 5 types of markers come in different shades of teal colour which allows easy spotting and reference. The markers are packed in colour coordinated attractive fabric pouch.

A multi-use teal coloured cloth bag holds all the stitch markers.

Price: $14.50
308906 Needle Felting Tool COURSE REFILL by Birch

5 COURSE refill needles for Clover Needle Felting Tool. Size COURSE.

Price: $18.00
308905 Needle Felting Tool FINE REFILL by Clover

5 FINE refill needles for Clover Needle Felting Tool. Size FINE.

Price: $18.00
36646 Rainbow Folding Scissors by Knit Pro

Colourful scissors with a shiny metal finish. Protection from sharp points as it conveniently folds down

Price: $8.00
36635 Teal Wooden Darning Needles by Knit Pro

Set of teal coloured darning needles made from high-density laminated wood. Offered in a pack of 2 small & 2 large needles that handle all sewing needs. Packaged in a reusable cylindrical natural wood case, that is printed with the floral print.

Price: $11.00